Drag drop -Grid automatically scrolls up when moving mouse

I have a grid that had Drag and Drop enabled.
This is all working well, except our users are finding that if they have more rows then can be displayed on the grid, then they are unable to drag a row down to an area of the grid that they have to scroll to.

I’ve investigated and have found that the same thing occurs on your sample grid located here
dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dht … _grid.html

You can select a row and use the mouse wheel to scroll down to a lower row, but then - as soon as you move the mouse - the grid will automatically scroll back up, making it difficult to place the row where you want.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. go to dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dht … _grid.html
  2. On the left grid labelled Alpha Betta, drag row “index is 2” down to the row just below “index is 30” on the same grid.

Actual Result
You have to use the wheel mouse to scroll the grid down, but then as soon as you attempt to move the mouse to highlight the required row, the grid will automatically scroll back up.

Expected Result
If you are holding down a mouse button to drag a row, then moving the mouse will not scroll the window unless you are currently on the bottom or top row of the grid window.

Is there any setting I can turn off or on to stop this scrolling from happening?

Thanks in advance

This issue confirmed and will be fixed at the next version of dhtmlxGrid.

Has this been fixed yet? We are on 2.6 and still experiencing the problem.

This is turning into a high profile item - can I please get an update on its status?


This issue was fixed at the latest version of dhtmlxGrid. Please check example here dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dht … _grid.html
If issue still occurs for you please provide us demo where we can reproduce it

We are on 2.6, is that the latest?

The problem we are having is dragging from drag to TREE.

Are you using drag and drop from dhtmlxGrid to dhtmlxTreeGrid or to dhtlxTree?

To the dhtmlxTree, from a dhtmlxGrid.

This issue related dhtmlxTree component and most probably was not fixed. Please post your question with code example here support.dhtmlx.com/

Its easy to recreate, just create a grid and a tree that has to scroll. Now try to drag from the grid to the bottom of the tree, the tree keeps scrolling to the top.

When do you expect a fix?