Drag & Drop in dhtmlxFolders component


I wanted to know if drag & drop of items is possible across the component with dhtmlxFolders?
I mean to say, is it possible to drag a treeNode & drop into dhtmlxFolders component OR dragging a folder component and dropping it onto tree?

I tried using it but was not successful.

Vibhav Agrawal


it isn’t possible in Folders. But we are going to release DataView that provides that functionality.

Ok. When will that component be released? any expected release date?

Also wanted to know if we can attach rightclick event so that we can have contextual menu (as we can have in the tree nodes).

Vibhav Agrawal

We are going release the beta version of DataView the next week.

There isn’t a public support of context menu in Folders, but it can be added. If you’re interested in this feature, let me know.

Could you please give some specifications related to DataView component like list of features it support, which of the exisiting component is nearest, events which can be handeled (drag-drop across components,onload, onselect etc), userData feature is available or not (as userData plays a very important role in our product) etc.
And most important, when is the final release of the component planned, as we have the release of our product planned in mid-April.

If dataView suits & will be able to replace our folderView component, then we can plan to use it. Else, contextual menu will be required in folderView.

dhtmlx.com/x/download/draft/ … 08beta.zip