Drag drop not showing other nodes as drop targets


I have drag drop enabled and it works fine if all items are within the bounds of the tree div (no vertical scrollbar). However if I add more items so that it can be vertically scrolled, and then scroll down below the first item I can no longer drop nodes onto other nodes (i.e. to make them children of the node). I can still drag and move a node (it shows the horizontal line for the position to move it to).

It looks as though the drag-drop is not accounting for the vertical scroll when actually scrolled. If I have heaps of items and the vertical scroll showing but am scrolled to the top of the list then drag-drop works perfectly. It’s only once I scroll down that it stops behaving properly.

I’ve tested in IE6 and 8 and it’s the same.

Here is the list of items I’m providing:

  <?xml version="1.0" ?> 
- <tree id="0">
  <item text="New Folder" id="16" open="1" /> 
  <item text="a" id="42" open="1" /> 
  <item text="b" id="43" open="1" /> 
  <item text="c" id="19" open="1" /> 
  <item text="d" id="44" open="1" /> 
  <item text="e" id="41" open="1" /> 
  <item text="f" id="20" open="1" /> 
- <item text="g" id="40" open="1" child="1">
- <item text="j" id="47" open="1" child="1">
- <item text="k" id="48" open="1" child="1">
- <item text="l" id="49" open="1" child="1">
- <item text="m" id="50" open="1" child="1">
  <item text="n" id="51" open="1" /> 
  <item text="h" id="45" open="1" /> 
- <item text="o" id="52" open="1" child="1">
- <item text="p" id="53" open="1" child="1">
  <item text="q" id="54" open="1" /> 
  <item text="i" id="46" open="1" /> 

This is what I do to enable drag-drop:

	tree.enableDragAndDrop(true, true);

And just in case this helps also, here is the div I’m using:

<div id="treeboxbox_tree" style="width:500px; height:260px;background-color:#f5f5f5;border :1px solid Silver;"></div>

(it’s copied from one of the examples)


what tree version do you use ? There was a bug with complex and sibling drag-n-drop. Both features are PRO. Therefore, please create the ticket here: support.dhtmlx.com/ or send the request to support at (@dhtmlx.com)

Hi, we just purchased so it’s the latest 2.5 build. I submitted a ticket as you suggested.