Drag event doesn't work

created a scheduler with drag enabled, but moving events on the scheduler with mouse and releasing them
makes doesn’t print anything

	scheduler.config.drag_move = true;
	scheduler.config.drag_resize = true;

scheduler.attachEvent(“onEventDrag”, function (id, mode, e){
//any custom logic here
console.log (“onEventDrag”);

		return true;

	scheduler.attachEvent("onDragEnd", function(id, mode, e){
		 var ev = scheduler.getEvent(id);
		 console.log ("onDragEnd");

	     return true;



Please help me to reproduce the issue in the snippet tool
Seems you need additional code that disables dragging. Replicate the problem in the snippet, click on “Share” button and send me the updated link.

Hi, let’s do another faster way, I’ve seen that in your example drag works on resize event but not on move event, can you enable also drag events on move on that example ? Or give a link to a complete example?Thanks!

In the week view you can move only short event with duration <1 day. To move the event, click on the header and drag: http://prntscr.com/mb0m11

Ok great!
But for end customers will be better to have all the event as drag drop !?
That was not intuitive at least for me.

You can add “dhx_event_move” class to the html element with class “dhx_body” manually to solve that issue.

There is no such opportunity in Scheduler by default because when user click on the event body - this action opens edit menu (see screenshot). If user will be able to drag event in the way you want, opening the menu can also move event, but this will be unexpected behaviour for the user.