Drag event twice won't save

I’m currently using version v2.2.0.0 and I’m noticing a problem when moving an event twice.

After the first drag & drop, the “Save?editing=true” function is called through Ajax and the response is:

<data><action type="updated" sid="90b07785-d053-4f28-ab48-a26a01264339" tid="90b07785-d053-4f28-ab48-a26a01264339" dhx_roomId=""></action></data>

When moving the event to another day again, no ajax call is made to save the new date/time. Is this a bug?

Many thanks in advance,
Jan Gils

please check the browser console, is there an error message after the first update?

There is no javascript error. If I drag the event the first time, the Save function is called through POST and saved successfully. Dragging twice results in no ajax call.

I’ve checked in IE9 / IE10 / Chrome and no errors appear. I do use GUID’s as id’s, but this works fine otherwise.

There must be something wrong with XML response after data saving.
In case of IE it must contain Content-type: text/xml
If it contains a different content type, client side will not be able to parse the xml and as result the saving operation will not be complete, which will prevent all further updates for the same item.


you solved the mystery. I constructed the response myself because of additional properties, but was returning as “text/html” instead of “text/xml” content-type. When changing the content-type of the response, everything works as expected!

Problem solved!