Drag Image for dhxGrid

Like dhtmltree, i would like to drag the grid with a image on left side and text on right side. The image is from the current row. How to do that?. If I select multiple rows, it should show multiple rows with respective images on left.

You can use “onBeforeDrag” event and return custom valuewill be used as visual representation of dragged row.

Also you ca use rowToDragElement method to achieve necessary behavior

case 1
return this.cells(id,0).getTitle();

case 2
return this.cells(id,1).getValue();

If you refer the attached image, while dragging, you can see the contets of dragged rows in windows explorer, like the same how to achive using dhtmlxgrid. I have tried to modify dhtmlx_extdrag.js, but no sucess.

Unfortunately dhtmlxGrid hasn’t appropriate method to do that. If such requirement is critical in your case - you can contact sales@dhtmlx.com and request customization of components.