Drag inside treeGrid opens dragged and neigbour nodes.


A small question - unfortunatelly I can’t find an answer for.

DHTMLXTreeGrid v 2.0Pro

Enabled sibling drag method.

Dragging inside same grid - simply changing order of the node.

Dragged node containing child nodes.

When I put it between nodes A & B - node A and just dragged node are expanded.

How can I deprecate this - so that node is just dragged into necassary place and that’s all.

Thanks in advance.

You can add next line to the init, and block unwanted behavior


Thank you - this works well. Now when I drag and still for some time over a node - it is not opened.

But it does not take effect to the following:
when I change the order of the node (drag it between two other nodes) - the node before and just dragged node are opened immediatelly after I drop dragged node.

Is it possible to depricate this as well?

You can try to add the next code

grid._event_id = grid.attachEvent(“onOpenStart”,function(){ return false; })
return true;
return true;