Drag n drop an event turns "red" and reverts back to old dat


just noticed if i drag an existing event to another time slot that it turns red, then reverts back to the original time slot.

this is happening when it enabled filtering of the records. I can add/delete events but not modify them… If I go back to no filter/sql query – render_table(), all works fine, so not sure if its a primary key i need or something missing.

i can’t figure out why…

any insight appreciated,

the scheduler has no built-in functionality for reverting to the old value of event after changes has been sent to the server, so reverting is probably done from your code.
Can you check in your code, what triggers such behavior, is it an error message from the server or invalid xml response or something else?


Crap… yes 4 or 5 errors were noted as:

HP Notice: Undefined index: modifiedby in …

so, in my Table I have syntax as FirstLetters Capitalized:

in the render_sql statement(… “modifiedby, datecreated, userid, …”)

I develop on windows platform then send to linux server, always forgetting case sensitivity…

Thanks for you help again!