Have problem with get ID of grid rowID ??? when not selected row.

Or can i get rowId with uid ???

Sorry, but I’m not quite sure by which parameter you want to get row’s id.
Grid has api to return id of selected row or id of row by its index.

yea i know selectedRowId, but when not selected i can get UID.

same qestion may i by UID get RowId ?

you may get the id of any needed row using getRowId() method.


When I drag(not selected) row from dhtmlxGrid to other dhtmlxGrid or dhtmlxTree or what else

i don’t know exactly what ‘rowId’ i dragging.

In case of using onDrag event

sId parameter has the id of dragging row:
sId - id of the source item;

yes, when going to drag in grid i can use it, but i need to capture this in dhrmlxTree.

In dhtmlxTree onDrag event has the similar attributes:
docs.dhtmlx.com/doku.php?id=dhtm … ent_ondrag