Drag n drop issue

I’m using Titanium and I’m showing the confirm dialog box for drag n drop event change. In Mac drag n drop works fine but in windows event keep dragging and not dropping on target even confirm dialog box is opened on top. Is there a way to control that?

Following is the code

		scheduler.attachEvent("onBeforeEventChanged", function(event_object, native_event, is_new){
				if (event_object.start_date < (new Date())) {
					return false;
						var convert = scheduler.date.date_to_str("%Y-%m-%d");
						var temp_start_date = convert(event_object.start_date);
						var time_convert = scheduler.date.date_to_str("%h:%i %a");
						var temp_start_time = time_convert(event_object.start_date);
						var temp_end_time = time_convert(event_object.end_date);							
						var dialog_confirm= confirm("Are you sure you want to change appointment to "+temp_start_date+" "+temp_start_time+" - "+temp_end_time);
						if (!dialog_confirm){ return false;}
				return true;

Probably it caused by the way how confirmations works, are they modal or non-modal on different OS. It seems not related to functionality of scheduler.

Is it possible to use jquery to block the screen?

As far as I know - there is no way to stop js processing ( it possible to block user actions, but not code execution )

Maybe Titanium has some specif api for such task.