Drag N Drop issues with Smart Rendering...

I want to use Drag-N-Drop feature of the grid along with the Smart Rendering. When I use the Drag-N-Drop feature with the Smart Rendering turned “OFF”, it works great. But when the smart rendering is turned “ON” it throws script errors (although it does the drag-n-drop).

I have attached a zip file comprising of all the dhtmlxgrid “js” files that I am using and a sample HTML file where I have two grids (Grid1 and Grid2). I should be able to drag-n-drop items from one grid to the other without any errors.

Thank you.

AFAIK there are particular events for draging between two grids. GridToGrid or so:

Thanks for the reply.

But I think you mis-understood my question. I have included the dhtmlxgrid_drag.js file and the drag-n-drop feature works fine except when I turn the SMART RENDERING “ON” for the first grid. I get script errors when I drag-n-drop the rows from one grid to the other. I do not want script errors to popup when I perform a drag-n-drop.

Please see the attached screen shot for the same.


Such issue may occur of you don’t include some necessary file. Please check this article docs.dhtmlx.com/doku.php?id=othe … mon_errors

I dont think the error is because of not including a necessary file, I think I have included all the necessary files.

If I remove “mygrid.enableSmartRendering(true);” from the code it works great without any script errors when I do a drag-n-drop. Its when I include or enable the enableSmartRendering in the code that’s when I get the script errors (I still am able to drag-n-drop but with script errors).

Can you provide any kind of sample or demo link , where issue can be reconstructed ?
( you can contact us directly at support@dhtmlx.com )
Static smart rendering mode must not interfere with DnD. ( dynamic smart rendering may be a bit more problematic - because it possible to drop row in not loaded part of grid which will end in hardly predictable result )