Drag N Drop the item as first child of a node. How to do?

Hi ,
I would to like to DnD from one tree to another. My Requirement is drag an item(new) and drop into another tree item(test), But I want to be the item “new” should be the first child of item “test”. Because whenever I do DnD, the newly dragged item will be positioned as last child of the level. Instead I want first child of the level. How to do that? One more question, In programming Using moveItem() function, I unable to move set of nodes (node with childrens) into under another item of the same tree. Please help me to do this?

Are you using standard or pro version of the tree ?

You can use “complex” or “sibling” drag-n-drop mode, which allows to clearly define position of new item

dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dht … mplex.html