Drag problem after specific date


I’m trying to setup my first scheduler using dhtmlx. I want to use timeline with 4 weeks time period. I notice strange behavior when I try to drag a event after specific date. I’ve made small example:

I want to drag upper event (from section A) to have the same as in section B (it must be finished on Sunday 29/03/2020). When I try it, it automatically skip one day and set end day on Monday. However, this is only visualization problem. If I open lightbox, everything is correct and both events have the same end date.

What’s more, if I want to add another event after 29/03/2020, new event is always displayed by one more day (again wrong visualization, lightbox shows date that was selected by dragging). However if I move scheduler to the next week, this problem disappear.

I’ve noticed it only for this specific date. I’ve checked it on a few web browsers and on a few computers. Is there something wrong with my setup?

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Hello @Lukasz

The event from section A “Drag me a below” has duration = 6 days, dates: Mar 23 - Mar 29, and do not occurs during Mar 29. http://prntscr.com/rnq53v
The second event from section B “Reference” has duration = 1 whole week, 7 days, and dates from Mar 23 to Mar 30 in the lightbox, do not occur during Mar 30 http://prntscr.com/rnqciw

=> The second event is one day longer than the first one.

When I update end date of the first event, i.e. add 1 day, it becomes equal to the second event: http://prntscr.com/rnqah3

Probably I missed smth to reproduce your issue. Could you please clarify?

The same, unfortunately I can’t reproduce it.

Significant detail: the issue can be related to your local time zone. To check if it is true, please update the UTC on your PC and set it to UTC +3. If that solves the issue in the demo - specify your local timezone and I will see what I can do.

Thanks for answer.

Yes, this is excatly that I want to do. You made it correct and it seems that it works for you. I’ve changed to UTC+3 and it works also for me. But I am in UTC+1 (Warsaw) and I would like to use this time zone :slight_smile: . I’ve tried also UTC +1 (Paris, Madrid) and also doesn’t work. This is what I see (this is lightbox just after dragging):

Can you try with UTC+1?

And I’ve just noticed it, end time is 01:00, not 00:00. Full day option is also unchecked. But why?

I’ve made one more test. I created 2 new events. One before 29/03/2020 and second after that date. And first one is selected as full day, second is not. However config is set to “full day” events only:



The issue occurs because of daylight-saving on Mar 29 (2020). There is no daylight-saving in UTC+3, that is why the issue was solved when you changed UTC on your PC.

Please specify the Scheduler version you use. If you are a licensed user, please contact support to get a solution faster.


Has this been resolved? If so, how? I have the exact same issue and it can be reproduced also in your examples in the blog article with the reservation system: https://dhtmlx.com/blog/how-to-make-hotel-booking-calendar/

I cannot drag an event’s end to the line between the 26th and 27th. It will always jump over this line and attach to the line between 27th and 28th. The time is also indeed set to 01:00, despite the fact that all other previous days use 00:00. All the days after this date use 01:00. This seems to screw up the last day of the month, too - moving the mouse over this cell actually sets changes the date (from 30 to 31 and vice-versa). This is, of course, totally logical as @Polina suggested the daylight saving time changed.

But the question is: Can anybody please explain how to go about this? How do I fix it or work around it? Thanks a lot.

Hi Polina

We have the exact same issue than fxfn and we’re using Scheduler 5.3.9.

We currently fixed it temporarily by subtracting 1 hour from 01:00 if its in daylight saving time and its exactly 01:00 but i think this should be done by the scheduler itself and not with a solution like this which needs to be done by every user.

Are there any updates on this or is this already solved in a newer version?

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Hello @Simon_Muller ,

Are there any updates on this or is this already solved in a newer version?

Unfortunately, the issue still exists, mostly because the scheduler uses the native JS Date object, which doesn’t support the timeshifts.

So in most cases it should be fixed through workarounds on the end up users.

The dev team is still considering ways to fix this issue, and if you have any suggestions, you can post them, and they may be implemented in future versions.

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