Drag resize not working for duration_unit 'minute'

Hi all,

I’ve come across a problem in the Gantt component. When I set the scale_unit to ‘minute’ and duration_unit to ‘hour’ or ‘minute’, the drag & drop task resize does not work. Interestingly enough, if I set the duration_unit to anything larger than ‘hour’, drag resize works fine.

Is this correct behaviour?

Thanks for reply.

we’ve confirmed a bug with the default config.
In order to enable dnd with minute scale, please change min_duration option. Initially it is set to 1 day, if you set it to one minute dnd will work ok
docs.dhtmlx.com/gantt/api__gantt … onfig.html

Excellent, it works! Thanks a lot.

I noticed one more thing: when I have the gantt as a component in the page and I scroll using the mouse wheel, it works when scrolling down, but when I scroll up and the cursor is over the gantt component, scrolling stops. It seems like gantt is catching the scrolling event and swallowing it, but only when scrolling up. Is this intended behavior?

Thanks again.

it is a known bug, it’s been fixed in the latest dev versions - gantt should block page scroll only when inner scrolling is in progress.
If you have a support subscription, please send me a private message with your license number of open a ticket in our support system at support.dhtmlx.com , I’ll send you the latest build

Thanks Aliaksandr, I’m using the free version in a research prototype we’re doing at university, so no hurry on the dev version.