Drag Tree


As I can send the name of the dragged item (Tree) to front.

My problem, I have:


If id=“clientarea” with background=url(‘http://localhost:80/VerumWEB20X/imgs/transparentpixel.gif’)

The name of item is visible, when dragged, except on the area of id="frame and id=“titlebar”.

If id=“clientarea” with background=white

The name of item is visible, when dragged, only out of the area (div).

Some idea.

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The problem can be caused by z-index order , because you have absolutely positioned elements on the page - the zIndex of dragged one must be greater than any other element on the page
zIndex of dragged element can be adjusted in dhtmlxtree.css

.dragSpanDiv,.dragSpanDiv td{    
    font-size : 12px;
    background-color:white; }