Drag window in IE, using ver 3.6 shows 'Fault' label

When I drag a window in IE using the example ver 3.6 code (dhtmlx36/dhtmlxWindows/samples/01_init/01_minimal_init.html) , I get the label ‘false’ in the top left hand corner of the dragged window.

I don’t get this using the web example (dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dhtmlxW … .html#code).

I assume this is a bug… what version has the fix? Thanks

Actually I now see it happens in IE11, but not IE9, or firefox…

We made fixes in 3.6 build 131108 for IE11. You can ask them on support@dhtmlx.com

Hello I’m using the //v.3.6 build 131108 and this is not fixed.
Please can you tell me in what version is fixed or tell me the modification to i can implement it.

Thanks in advance


I’m afraid 3.6 version is no longer supported. If you have active support account, you can try to post you question in a support system. Latest version is 4.6, you also can try to start with it.