Dragable Timeline

Hello everyone,

The timeline view is amazing and does almost everything I’m asking for… There is just one functionality I’m missing and that is ‘dragging’ to the custom time.

In the agenda this is possible, you can drag the block into specific time spaces… but how am I able to do this within the timeline view?


Do you mean a drag without aligning to timeline borders?
You can always dbl-click event and set custom start|end time for it.

Yep, that’s basicly what I mean.

Plus… is it possible to get a timeline on a weekly basis instead of a daily one? Because basicly what I want to achieve is this:


The X ax is the time in hours and the Y ax being the days of the week. Because I’ve tried a lot and only got a timeline on a one day basis.


Unfortunately it not possible. Y-scale must be non-date property.


It’s not possible to do in an easy way but if it is really crucial for your project you can try to set up Y units as days and map each event to corresponding date.

It may work straight away if you map timeline to the “_sday” field. Need to test though.

Or you can contact us at sales [at] dhtmlx.com to customize it for you.

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