draged column over the grid steal data from another one

I have a very large grid as you can see part of it here: alink.co.il/temp/stage1.jpg

after refresh it all return to be ok

I’m runnig dhtmlxGrid_v25_pro_91111

Links provided by you is the same. Can you provide correct link where issue occurs?

the other link is: [alink.co.il/temp/stage2.jpg](http://alink.co.il/temp/stage2.jpg)
sorry :slight_smile:

Are you using rowspan in your grid? Unfortunately rowspan mode is incompatible with “column move” extension. As a workaround you can add few line of links into one grid cell:
<![CDATA[Link1 Link2]]>
In such case multi line mode should be enabled:

Unfortunately, we cant use this solution, tahnk you anyway...