Dragging by TEXT is blocked in dhtmlxTree.


I am having a slight error using dhtmlxTree.

I try to drag while grabing the text and I get a small “stop-slash” icon. I am not able to drag. When I grab the tree item image, I can drag without a problem.

Here is the code I am using to write the JSON array tree items.

echo “[”.$node[‘ObjectID’];

echo “,”;

echo $node[‘ParentID’];

echo “,”";

echo “<a href='source.php?tab=inv&objectid=”.$node[‘ObjectID’]."’>".$node[‘Name’]."";

echo “”]";

Here is the script I am using on my page.

Here is the HTML output I get.

test 11

Is there a way to drag from the text and the image?

In which browser issue occurs for you?
The described behavior must not occur in normal case, it may be caused by text selection enabling ( which requires changes in dhtmlxtree.js or dhtmlxtree.css)
Be sure that dhtmlxtree.css correctly included in page ( without css file, described issue can occur in FF )

Thank you for the response.

How would I check and/or change dhtmlxtree.js or dhtmlxtree.css to make the “TEXT with a link” draggable?

Actually you need not any additional steps, tree items with inline HTML elements can be draged in same way as default ones.
Please check attached sample.

1227177780.zip (46.7 KB)

I still get an error with your example.

I’ve attached images to show you what it looks like.

My Internet Explorer version is 7 and the settings are set to default.



To resolve issue in IE - add ondragstart attribute to html code of link