Dragging from iframe, disabling drop, multiselect checkboxes



I’m evaluating pro v461 and am not too good with js. I have 3 problems - I’ve looked through docs and examples and either can’t find anything that helps or can’t get it to work.

  1. dragging from an iframe
    I want to drag an image from an iframe in to the tree then use a php script to copy the image from its current location to the folder i drop it on. i’ll worry about the php later. At the moment the examples I’ve found reference scripts that don’t exist (dhtmlxcommon.js).

Can someone help by giving a complete iframe script containing an image that can be dragged on to the tree? Here’s what I’ve been trying:

  1. I’m loading the tree items from xml. Is there a way to disable drop on leaves that aren’t folders?
    sample single item xml:

  2. Is there a way to select multiple items for dragging using the checkboxes instead of Ctrl+click?

All help would be greatly appreciated!!!

  1. Please check the demo dragging html into a tree: dhtmlxTree/samples/05_drag_n_drop/01_drag_in_simple.html (possibly you can use this approach instead of an iframe)

  2. You can use onDrag/onDragIn event handlers and getAttribute method to get an attribute value.

  3. selectItem allows to select a new item and preserve a previous selection.