Dragging of Appointment outside the Scheduler


I want to drag the appointment from one scheduler to another.
But i am not able to do so,as appointment is not visible outside the scheduler boundary.

i.e.how to remove the constrain of “not able to drag appointment outside the calender”.

Please help.


Scheduler doesn’t use full dnd for event moving, that is why event moving is possible only inside scheduler’s borders.

You can add a custome context menu or custom button inside event bar to call “move to different scheduler” action, instead of dnd.

Hi Stanislav,

What do u mean by “move to different scheduler” action… i couldn’t find this in the documentation.

How can we use custom button or custom context menu…??

Can u please explain…??


There is no default API for move between different schedulers, but you can get details of active dataobject and use add API of different component to create it there.