Dragging row gets forbidden circle sign


I have two different TreeGrid panels, and drag 'n drop row in between. And I noticed that if I drag the row object at column area, no problem. But if I happen to drag the row in the space area, the leading empty area, since it’s tree object, there is indent in the beginning, I would get ‘invalid’ sign, the cross in the middle of circle sign.

My question is any adjustment can be made so user is able to drag a row at any spot of that row?

Thank you

Unfortunately we cannot reproduce this issue locally. Can you please provide video or screenshot of the issue?

Somehow, I can’t attach a file, it’s always says it not accepted extension. Could you give me your email, then I can send the screen shots to you?


Having problem to attach file, I am getting extension is not allowed.

Please see your dhtmlxTreeGrid sample: dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dht … _drag.html.

Please see the second treegrid on the top right, the one has Music and DVD, open the tree, you see the first item Whatever, $9.78. If you grab the item with text, would be fine. But, if you trying to grab the item in heading space, before the music icon, then you would get circle cross sign, which means invalid drag.

So my question is that any way we are able to drag anywhere in a row, to drag it.

Thank you

Thanks, issue confirmed and will be fixed at the next version of dhtmlxGrid