Drop an event to not visible time zone


  How could make an event dropable (in the week or day view) to a non visible time frame. Let's suppose that in the screen we see from 9:00 to 14:00h, but the rest of hours are no visible withou scrolling. I would like to be able to drop an event to a time zone that is not visible making an auto-scrolling effect.
  Is that possible?

Aleix Vergés

Hi again,

 Probably didn't explained very well my problem:

 If you are in the week view and you try to drop an event which is at 08:00h to a time which is not visible because it's for example at 23:00h, you can't beacuse the drop movement don't manage the scrolling.
 Do you know any way to do that?



There is no built in solution ( you can scroll screen by using mouse wheel while dragging event - but it hardly can be counted as solution )

Code similar to the next can be used ( it not a solution, just a direction ) - it allows to inject custom code into mouse moving actions and apply custom scrolling.

var old = scheduler._on_mouse_move; scheduler._on_mouse_move = function(e){ var pos=this._mouse_coords(e); var top = some_tricky_math(pos); scheduler._els["dhx_cal_data"][0].scrollTop = top; return old.call(this,e); };

We will check how it can be improved in future.

Thank you very much for the point of view.