Drop event on event

I would like to know if there is a functionality for capturing an action when one event is dragged and dropped on another. What I’m trying to achieve here is, I have two types of events regular task events and Release events. They are all created independently, and when task is dragged and dropped on release I would make dropped task is part of this release (it all is done via database call), task event is gone and Release event’s description is changes reflecting dropped task ID. So is there programming event capturing event IDs of both source and target events?

you can capture a onBeforeEventChanged events. It provides a browser event object as one of arguments
docs.dhtmlx.com/scheduler/api__s … event.html

There you can inspect the target element of a browser event to determine whether it is a DOM element of a scheduler event (check ‘event_id’ attribute). Or you can check it using the scheduler API - retrieve events which happens on the same date where event has been dropped to
docs.dhtmlx.com/scheduler/api__s … vents.html

Thanks for your answer, but it seems to be overly complicated and in my case I found better solution(at least for my case).

scheduler.attachEvent("onEventCollision", function (ev, evs){ //any custom logic here return true; }); does the trick. It does have a source event(ev) and target events collection(evs) right there in one function. You just have to include one extension to the library. But I do appreciate your response. It is awesome product I have to admit, keep it up, my russian comrades.