DropDown Filter and splitAt() Issues with attachHeader() met

I am trying to attach a header that has

tags that contain dropdown boxes that filter a column. For some reason when I use with the splitAt() function, anything within the split does render, but after the split it does. Here is some example code:

Grid = new dhtmlXGridObject(‘gridbox’);


Grid.setHeader(“Text,Text,Project Number,#cspan,#cspan,…”);








projectSummaryGrid.loadXMLString(XML, function(){


some js code to create and populate the dropdowns in the
tags that were placed with the attachHeader() method. The drop downs are rendered and populated for columns 9 and higher, but they do not show up for any columns under 8 or before the split.

Is there something wrong with the order of my code?

Thanks for the help.

Built-in filtering doesn’t support split mode. We plan to add support of split mode as part of next version but for now filtering and split are mutual exclusive