Dropdown not moving with the scrollbar in the grid

I have a drop down in the grid.After clicking the item that have a dropdown to show up the values if we scroll the dropdown list is not moving together.

I have referred an example given … in the link “http://www.dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dhtmlxGrid/samples/04_dataprocessor/01_basic_init.html”, there also the behavior is same.

any work around for this problem?

Cell’s drop down cannot be moved if you scroll horizontal scroll bar of the grid.
You can add following code to the grid to close sell editors if you scroll the grid:

grid.attachEvent("onScroll", function(sLeft,sTop){ grid.editStop() });


We have profession license for Xgrid2.5 and we are integrating DHTMLXCombo with Xgrid. We face the same problem for the XCombo column alone. We have given the above code but still it does not resolve it. Could you please provide us a solution for this?


Above code is related to the situation when you are scrolling the grid itself.

If issue occurs, when you are scrolling some outer container - it can be known ie7 bug, which can be fixed, by adding “position:relative” style to the scrollable container.