I need to install dhtmlxGantt onto Drupal7. I have it as a commercial license but I can’t install it as a module. Can anyone give me instructions?

Gantt is a standalone javascript component, there is no CMS modules for it.
You can create a new page and place the js includes and init code on it, which will be enough to activate the gantt.

I created a new page and put in:


html, body{ margin:0px; padding:0px; height:100%; overflow:hidden; }

under ‘CSS Code,’ in ‘Variants » Panel » General.’ It’s not working so I’m obviously doing something wrong here. What am I supposed to do?

Sorry, I don’t know Drupal very well, but if you have not visible gantt - most probably the paths to the js and css files of the gantt are invalid. Probably you need to use a path from web root to the folder where those files resides.

In that case, could you tell me how to install gantt on wikis? I installed a mediawiki on my website and I’d like to add a new tab alongside Article, Talk, Read, Edit, etc titled ‘Gantt’ and install Gantt in the ‘Gantt’ tab.

There is a module that integrates this module with Drupal - called Views Gantt.

For use, create a view containing the tasks that you’d like to display in the Gantt chart, then edit the view settings to plumb your chosen fields to the fields required to display the gantt chart.

You can also use dhtmlxgantt with Project Management tools such as Drupal PM, using the PM Gantt extension.