DTHMLMenu - Mozilla Firefox 3 - DHTMLX Controls on page are


Firefox 3 issue.

I notice that when my Menu/ sub-menus cascades over an existing DHTMLX control on the same page (tab control, tree etc…), everything on the page jumps around.

However, once I hover over each sub-menu, everything seems eventually seems to correct itself and the controls no longer jump around.

This is not a huge deal, but if there is some feature that I can turn on to correct this, could you please post it.




Could you please provide completed demo to reproduce the issue?

Ok, I have been seeing this happen for quite some time, but now that I got around to reporting the problem I can no longer reproduce the issue.  Keep this ticket open and if I somehow can reproduce it I will let you know.

I have never had to do anything special for the problem to occur.  It would just happened “all the time” in Mozilla Firefox…but now it doesn’t.  Strange.