DTHMLX Fully customized Light Box


I have used dhtmlxScheduler_v4.1.0/samples/02_customization/16_custom_form.php for creating custom lightbox.In these I have few questions,

1.How to save the events to database and fetch the events from database using php.
2.And also when I move the event,its not updating…

Please help me…


You can follow docs.dhtmlx.com/scheduler/how_to_start.html for complate setup.

please try our guide to database synchronization. Feel free to ask.

  1. docs.dhtmlx.com/scheduler/loadin … madatabase
  2. docs.dhtmlx.com/scheduler/server … ation.html


Thanks for your reply.I have used all these features and integrated calendar in y website.I have no problem in that.But I don’t know how to map my database to fully customized light box…

In case of custom lightbox, scheduler can only provide you the event object

var obj = scheduler.getEvent(id);

This object will contain all properties of event. (obj.text, obj.start_date, etc.)
How to map them to controls and how to place them back into the event object - it fully depends on logic of custom lightbox, there is no any helpers here.