dthmlxCalendar loading NULL from XML

Hi, I am loading values to a dhtmlxForm with dhtmlxCalendar objects. However, one of the forms break when the field I’m loading to one of the calendar field is NULL. Any idea how to go around this? It’s a “termination date” field so naturally it’s NULL if the record is not terminated. As much as possible, I don’t want to use a “dummy” future termination date like “2099-12-31” just to work the problem.

Please help. Thanks in advanced for your help.

For the decision of the issue, please, make a complete demo and share it

Thanks but I don’t understand how I can make a demo if I am developing locally. So here’s some more info. Here’s my XML to be loaded into my dhtmlxForm:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>

The termination_date field is a calendar. Since it’s empty, the rest of the columns (billing_preference, payment_mode, company_code, designation) do not load anymore. It will load if I put in a valid date in termination_date.

My simple question is: how do we load a NULL date into a calendar field in dhtmlxForm?

Again, thanks for the replies.

Nobody experienced loading NULL into a dhtmlxCalendar via XML? :question:

Unfortunately we cannot reproduce this issue locally.
Can you please provide complete demo where we can reproduce it? You can find tutorial how to create complete demo here docs.dhtmlx.com/doku.php?id=othe … leted_demo