Dthmlxtabbar with dhtmlxScheduler

I have three scheduler that work fine, but i want to integrate them with dhtmlxtabbar and put each scheduler in a different tab.

With this code, only works the first scheduler and not fine. When I create a new event, then I can not delete it. The others scheduler don’t load.

I´m trying with diferents options on tabbar.setHrefMode and method var dhxSched = tabbar.cells(“tab1”).attachScheduler();.
I think that I´m doing somenthing wrong.
Any ideas how to implement several scheduler inside a tabbar?

you should pass scheduler instance into .attachScheduler method, otherwise it will attach the default scheduler(window.scheduler) into all three cells
scheduler2 = Scheduler.getSchedulerInstance();
scheduler3 = Scheduler.getSchedulerInstance();

//parameters - start date, initial mode, null for html container of the scheduler, scheduler itself

For this solution , is necesary the Scheduler PRO Edition?

Standard version of the scheduler does not support creating multiple schedulers on the page.
You may try emulate it with standard version by re-attaching scheduler to the active tab when user clicks one. or by creating schedulers in separate iframes and attaching iframes to the tabbar.

First, thanks for your help.
I think that the code of first post is similar of second solution that you say. For example, “Aula1.html” file have the structure of first scheduler. But only load this scheduler,the first. The others scheduler don´t load in others tab. I´m trying to change “Aula1.html” file and add “scheduler1 = Scheduler.getSchedulerInstance()”, but don´t work any scheduler. What am I to do for work all scheduler?