Hello, I’m trying to use the tabbar and in the previous version 2.1 was able to use winDflt as the tabstyle. Now, when I use this style it isn’t flushed against the top part. It’s two lines and leave a gap at the bottom. I’ve also tried style “default” and it does the same thing.

You can use your example below to recreate it.

Tab Test

Init tabbar from script


the correct skin name is “default”. Please take a look at the sample in the 2.5 tabbar package dhtmlxTabbar/samples/04_styling/01_skins.html (dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dht … skins.html on our website).

Please, be sure that you use the latest dhtmlxtabbar.css and images (codebase/imgs/default/).

I have the latest version 2.5 and as I mentioned I also tried default and still get the same results.  I’m using the runtime version of the images and .css dhtmlxSuite_v25_pro_90904 (2.5).  I have noticed that some things are missing involving the tabbar.  Should I not use this version?

The other issue I had the tabbar was using the setOnSelectHandler method.  I get the following error: “Microsoft JScript runtime error: Object doesn’t support this property or method”.  I had to add dhtmlx_new.js and dhtmlx_new.css.  To get around this.  Now that I’m adding the dhtmlxTabbar folder, this error comes back.


the issue with setting skin isconfirmed. The fixed dhtmlxtabbar.js is sent by email.

Method setOnSelectHandler is deprecated. Try to use the new approach of setting event handlers:


Or you can include codebase/ext/dhtmlxtabbar_deprecated.js to use setOnSelectHandler method.