Dumb questions about popups ...

I cannot get a popup to display.

I have declared the popup as follows:

var mv_properties = {   view: "popup", id: "fileInfo",
                                   hidden: true,
                                   body: { view: "template", 
                                               src: "logo.html", 
                                               scroll: "no", 
                                               height: 135 }

and then invoke it thus:

var mv_file = { view: "layout", id: "thisFile", rows: [{ view: "toolbar", css: "toolbar", elements: [ { view: "imagebutton", label: "name", align: "left", src: "./images/properties.gif", popup: "fileInfo, left" } ] }]};

but nothing happens when I click on the imagebutton!

Any help gratefully received.

You need to have somewhere on the page


it will create popup object, so it will be possible to call it by id.
currently you are providing id as popup attribute value, but there is no active ui which is related to that ID, so configuration fails.

Second approach to the same issue, will be in using actual configuration object instead of the ID reference.

{ view: "imagebutton", label: "name", align: "left", src: "./images/properties.gif", popup: mv_properties }

Thank you, that worked a treat.

… finally, is there anyway to control the position of the pointer of the popup?

In case of automatic popup opening - there is no way to control it. Cursor will show to the point of click.

If opening by API, you can provide extra params to specify html node on which cursor will point.

Thanks for getting back. When I have tried this in Chrome and IOS the position of the pointer seems to be quite arbitrary.

Please attach the demo where we could reproduce the problem with pointer.