Duplacating combo object

Hi dears

I have difficutly duplicating a combo object on a HTML page.

I tried inserting name value instead of id, it failed.
dxCombo = new dhtmlXCombo(htmlNameVale, this.configs.name, this.configs.width);

How can I duplicate dhtmlxCombo so I can get several combos at one ajax load.

Any method to do this?

Constructor of combo expects ID or html object as first parameter, not the name value

As for case with multiple combos, you can load data once by using

dhtmlxAjax.get("some.php", function(loader){ var text = loader.xmlDoc.responseText; combo1.loadXMLString(text); combo2.loadXMLString(text); .... comboN.loadXMLString(text); });

With such code data will be loaded only once, and can be used to fill multiple combos with options.