Duplicate events showing up multiple times

I’m having an issue with the scheduler.

I have a bunch of events on the scheduler, and they’re all displayed correctly. As I browse ahead or back, the events start to multiply. For example, I had one event for a given time, and then suddenly there are duplicate events occupying the same slot.

If I refresh the page, it all goes back to normal. I’m pulling data from a database and dynamical loading is enabled. When I examine the traffic behind the scenes, I see that as I browse ahead, scheduler will from time to time make calls to the server to pull in more data, which is expected behavior. It seems as though for some reason scheduler isn’t clearing the previous data, instead it’s adding data that’s already there.

Any suggestions on dealing with it?


without your source code i can only guess. Do you use cron jobs? Multiple Fields?


Hello, Alex.

Most likely you are not selecting real event ids from the database so the script is generating one for you. And then on client side you have events with the same information but different event ids. Open your events.php link in browser and check ids.

Kind regards,

It seems you are correct, the event_ids aren’t being set to the database’s unique values. Are there restrictions on what the event_id can be? The ids stored in the server are long and has alphanumeric characters.

Letting you know that I went ahead and made changes to set event_ids to the database values, and the bug has been successfully resolved. Thank you for your assistance.