Duplicated header + Problems with SplitAt


I have managed to have my excel export running.

I have a pair of problems i don´t find how to fix:

1/ My first column is frozen and its header is a cell with rowspan = 3. When I export it loose the rowspans

2/ The same when you generate the printable version via mygrid.printView() of the dhtmlxgrid_nxml.js

3/ My header is duplicated, the normal on the top of the data and one again in the botton.

Two problems are independent





<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> F1 0 ........ ........ 1 0%

I use the java version.

Any idea? Thanks in advance.

Here is updated grid-excel script.
Files ExcelWriter.java and ExcelXmlParser.java

Using this version your grid was exported successfull.

PS. war-package is inside zip-archive because our forum doesn’t allow to attach any other extensions
grid-excel.zip (1.38 MB)

Perfect. The header appears correctly now.

The rowspan is still loosed. Not very important for me anyway.

Thanks sir.

To fix rowspan issue try to update dhtmlxgrid_export.js from attachment, please.
dhtmlxgrid_export.zip (2.33 KB)

Don´t fixed sorry. The rowspan of the frozen header is still lost.

I compared versions and no changes relative to rowspans.

By the way, when you export to printable view from mygrid.printView() of dhtmlxgrid_nxml.js you have exactly the same problem. The rowspan is lost. I edit my first post to put this.

Please, open generate.php file and turn on debug mode:

$debug = true;

Then try to export grid to excel.
After that new file will appear in the directory with generate.php file: debug_xx_xx_xx.xml.
Attach it here please.

By the way, could you provide a list of dhtmlxgrid extensions which are included to the page?

I use JAVA. How to enable debug mode.

I debug the servlet and the incoming XML has not rowspan as it was expected. Don´t think a server side problem. The problem ocurrs too in the printableVersion which don´t go to the server. It must be a JS kernel issue.

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my extensiosn:



we have dhtmlxGrid-2.6.1-package.zip plus the attatchements you have been posting.

Unfortunately grid doesn’t support rowspan in export when split feature is used.