Duplication of the 'onitemclick' event (button)

Hello! I hav a trouble with a duplication of the ‘onitemclick’ event on a button in form. At the once touch of the button event fires twice! How I can fix it?

This is my code, for example:

{view: ‘toolbar’, scroll: true, height: 55, width: 600,
elements: [
{view: “input”, width: “50”, disabled: false, type: “text”, id: “inputSearch”},
{view: “button”, label: “Найти”, width: “10”, id: “buttonSearch”, type: “form”, on:{onitemclick:this.companySearch}}
], id: ‘formSearch’

Are you talking about Touch?

Oh, sorry! I wrote the wrong section of the forum. Really, I talking about Touch.

I moved this topic to the Touch branch :slight_smile: