During the reuse of Pro Gnattt 7.1.12 ,Found a Bug!

Use the properties:

Rendering Vue3 Components, but we find a problem。 When we select task or reset layout, isElement and renderElement function is executed !so my all Vue3 Components is re render!!

This will cause performance consumption, I don’t need Vue3 Components is re render!

Please tell me a plan to avoid this problem

Hello MingXin,
Each time you select, unselect, create, delete, move, or update a task, Gantt repaints it. If you reinitialize Gantt or use the render method, Gantt repaints its elements. All previous elements are removed and Gantt generates them again. This is how it works, and there is no way to change it.
Because of that, Vue elements are also removed and generated again. This is expected behavior for DHTMLX Gantt.