[Dxhtml Tree] Problem with <a> tags in firefox


I begin using the dxhtmltree.

I’ve got a problem with Firefox (IE is fine in this case).

I’ve got my lists of elements.

Elements contents is html code like this :

text example  modifier

So we should have a “link” when users click on “text example”, or on the image…

On IE, no problem.

On FF, the link doesn’t work…

Do you have any idea to help me?


Do you load data from XML or from HTML markup.
    In case of loading from HTML - please try to use dhtmlxtree_start.js from latest package, older version of component can’t process tags correctly in FF
    In case of loading data from XML  - there must not be any problem
                text example  modifier

Thanks you very much.
I was using HTML markup and the problem was I wasn’t using the latest version of the file dhtmltree_start.js