dxhtmlGantt + REST backend + dataProcessor

I am currently trying to get a Gantt with a dataProcessor and a REST backend work together. I just want to achieve so that when a user resizes/moves a task in the Gantt, the task’s data is updated on the server.
However, I have a couple of questions.

Here’s the code which initializes the dataProcessor and binds it to the gantt:

var theDataProcessor = new dataProcessor(dataUrl); theDataProcessor.init(self.gantt); //setting the mode to REST must be AFTER the call to init() theDataProcessor.setTransactionMode("REST"); theDataProcessor.enableDataNames(true); theDataProcessor.enablePartialDataSend(true);

  1. When I move/resize a task in the Gantt (expecting to update it) the dataProcessor issues a GET request with all the data of the task as query parameters. Is this by design or am I making a mistake? I would have expected a PUT or POST request with the data in the request body.
  2. Is it possible to make the dataProcessor send/recieve JSON data to/from the server?

Version of DataProcessor that is bundled as part of dhtmlxGantt doesn’t support REST operations unfortunately.

Would you advise us to use the dataProcessor from dhtmlxScheduler.js as mentioned here http://docs.dhtmlx.com/gantt/desktop__server_side.html?
Will it be able to bind properly to the Gantt?

It will work for tasks but I’m not sure that it will work correctly with links.
In case of gantt you need to have two urls - one for links operations, second for tasks operations. And dataProcessor can use only one url per component, which doesn’t allow to use REST for Gantt correctly.