Dy height dynamically according to the response

how to set dy height dynamically according to the backend response?

Hello @lalithamay18,
sorry for the delay. As far as I understand, you want to change the dy height dynamically in the Timeline view. You can do it via the section_autoheight property in the configuration object of the Timeline view:
If these options are not quite what fits you, and you have an idea of how it should look, please share your ideas.

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Hi Ales,

Thank you for the update. Please find the image, the issue is here, setting dy height according this data, which i highlighted in the image. if I set section_autoheight is not resolving this issue. Could you tell me, how to resolve this issue.

Hello @lalithamay18,
Can you please send me some kind of example where I could reproduce the issue locally?
You can create one in our snippet tool https://snippet.dhtmlx.com/5/29dd2e6d4, or send me a standalone HTML page, or an online link to the page where I can see the issue.

Hi Ales,

Please find the link [height issue] (https://snippet.dhtmlx.com/5/ce3426d08). I have re-created the issue here. Here, I want to set height automatically according to the list of items. Please give me a solution for that.

Thanks & Regards,

Hello @lalithamay18,
unfortunately, there is no built-in method to set the section’s height according to the content.
We haven’t a ready demo for such a use case as we must remake the large piece of code concerning not only the height of sections but also the height of the related cells and I can’t do a quick example since it appears to be non-trivial. But you can contact our sales at sales@dhtmlx.com if you want us to develop it for you.