Dynamic add multiview cells

In my case I have a multiview with three cells:

  1. List with relations (mix of companies and persons)
  2. Template with the information of single person and a link to the company where he or she works
  3. Template with company (A) information and a list of the companies contacts, a link to its parent company (B) and a list of its child companies

Now I can get an ongoing loop when I first click on an item in the list of relations, when I select a person I go to the second cell. In the second cell I can click on the company (A) of the person I have selected, when I do this I go to the third cell. So far so good…

But when I click in the third cell on the parent company (B) of the visible company (A), I want to show a new cell with the contents of the same third cell only with a different company. At this moment the current cell does a ‘refresh’ instead of an animation (which I understand), but when I go back in the history of the multiview I don’t see the child company (A) but again the parent company (B).

I have added an image to visualize the case above.

This case leads me to the following two questions:

  1. Is it possible to add cells ‘on-the-flow’ so I can get a good multiview history?
  2. Is it possible to show an animation when you go from a cell to the same cell?

(2) not possible
(1) is possible, but i think it can complicate logic a lot

Check attached sample
06_next.zip (832 Bytes)