Dynamic branch checking

I am building a smart xml parsing Tree (with unique ID for each branch) from an pre-generated .xml file.

My problem is that I need to do some dynamic tree branch checking.

For example, when a certain branch is checked, I need others branches

in the tree to automatically checked.

I have stored the ID of the other branches in the UserData tags.

I have then attached a onCheck event for the tree, that parses

the content of the UserData, this has been verified and returns

the right data, but the “tree.setCheck(id, status)” at the end

of the event function doesn’t seem to do anything.

Is there anything i’m forgetting or is it impossible to do what I am attempting ?

Actually the logic which you are using must work correcltyThe setCheck must work with any item in tree in both normal and smart-xml-parsing modesIf issue still occurs for you - please provide exact code used in onCheck event and sample of userdata stored in tree’s xml