Dynamic change of footer style


i try to dynamically change the footer of a grid depnding of the values of the cell

for that, i create a grid withe a footer “total”,"#stat_total"

i want to test the value and to change it to bold if zero

to do that i create the function (called after loadxml) :

function analyzeFooter() {

    var prefixe=’


    var postfixe=’

    var zone = mygrid.ftr.rows[1].cells[1].innerHTML;

// suppress div

    var zones = ((zone.split(prefixe))[1].split(postfixe))[0];

    if (zones==0) {

// change format and putting div again

    mygrid.ftr.rows[1].cells[1].innerHTML = prefixe + “” + zones + “” + postfixe;



As soon as i change the innerHTML, this column stop to be recalculated…and i don’t know why

so the aspect is ok (in bold) , but changing a value in the grid don’t recalc the footer (on this column only : the others are correct)

even if i put the same value in innerHTM, the footer of the column stop to be recalculed.

have you an idea ?

PS : i try to use the onStatReady event, but this event is not column dependant : it is launched for every column but no way to know which column.

thanks a lot if you have an idea (i have the pro version 2.1 - custId: 141915265)

If your case better to implement custom autocalculated counter. dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dhtmlxG … t_custstat
grid._in_header_stat_summ=function(tag,index,c){ // shortcut for statistics counter
var calck=function(){ // define the function which will be used for calculations
var summ=0; // set initial counter value
this.forEachRow(function(id){ // for each row
summ+=this.cells(id,index).getValue(); // add row_value
if (!summ) return “”+summ+"";
else return summ;

this._stat_in_header(tag,calck,index,c); //call default statistics handler processor

OK, that’s work fine and is clearly better.

Thanks a lot and congratulations for your support