Dynamic data in lightbox option box

I noticed through the documentation that it is possible to invoke a server side component (implemented in php in the sample code).

I would like to have more information about this, as I’m interested in such functionality but invoking a ws to populate the combox box.

Is it possible? I saw that the load command can invoke external system but it would render data to the gantt chart.

Thanks in advance

I was able to implement my scenario creating manually the array with push.

Would it be possible to implement it with the load function from the dhtmlxGantt?


The data for option lists can be loaded as part of initial data loading.
When gantt.load called, component request a data from server side, and such data can contain tasks, links and options for collections.

If you are using connector - you can use set_options method
If you are using custom code on server side, you can form necessary json or xml with your code.

There is no way to load data in lightbox dynamically for each task separately ( there is no built in way, with a bith of custom coding it can be implemented as well )