dynamic data loading

We have the requirement to be able to load data dynamically. The size of the data set could be big and I am using ajax calls to get my data from the server

I found the feature for smart rendering and dynamic loading and have at least some of it working

so I am doing the following

  1. call enableSmartRendering passing the number of rows and the max page size

  2. attach the onDynXLS event

in the onDynXLS event I call my server function passing it the start and count

on the server I then get my data and send it back to the client where I use the parse function to add them to the grid

this all works ok as long as I don’t go over the page size. if I go over the page size I get the event for the second page over and over

I am not sure but I am wondering if maybe the parse function doesnt append data to the grid and therfor I am only getting the first page?

any samples on how to handle this properly?



looks like I found a missing piece with specifying the total_count and pos in the json data

will modify my code and see if this fixes all the issues I have