Dynamic Header w/colspan does not show in XLS

When grid has a colspan header such as:

grid.setHeader(["","#cspan", .......

And then col 0 header is set as:

grid.attachEvent("onXLE", function(grid_obj,count){

The header does not show up the xls.

please, try to update dhtmlxgrid_export.js from attachment.
Could you provide complete demo if still doesn’t work?
dhtmlxgrid_export.zip (2.9 KB)

The new .js file didn’t fix the problem. I can provide a working demo which reproduces this bug.

Also my demo uses splitAt(2) which is also not working correctly, see viewtopic.php?f=2&t=22376 for the problem.

Is it ok to email my demo along with a url which reproduces both of these issues?

I just emailed the demo to support.

unfortunately grid export script doesn’t support splitAt.
SplitAt(2) works correctly at local machine: doesn’t show horizontal scroll at the bottom when all columns are visible and show it when columns width overflows page size. Please, specify some more details - which browser do you use? Could you provide demo with your codebase?

Did you get the email of the demo? I emailed it to support yesterday.

I’m not expecting splitAt() to work in excel. It’s not working in the browser. I tested in IE 7,8,9, FF, Safari and Chrome.

My email has a public link which reproduces the problem and also it has the files. I’m using the evaluation v.3 codebase.

Also, the code works fine when I run from local machine. It fails only when it’s run from a web server. I think splitAt() is wating for the grid to be fully loaded before splitting the table. And when it run locally, the timing is fast and it works. When it’s run from a web server, there is a delay in processing and the grid tries to split too quiclky. Make sense?

using splitAt() in browser causes a problem with first column label. First column is used in split mode, so export doesn’t support it. It was answer to a question why label of first column is not exported.