dynamic html loading issue

I have a jsp called partyGrid.jsp which has the following lines of code:


         partyGridjspLog.info("inside partyGrid.jsp : starts " + new java.util.Date());


I have a controller which generates the xml string appropriately and sends the request to the partygrid.jsp. The first time tree shows up correctly without any issues, but now i want to load the child nodes dynamically when i click on each of the nodes. when i click on one of the nodes the request goes to the same controller which in turn sends the request back to the partyGrid.jsp. but this time we get some issues with respect to incorrect xml, after putting alerts in the getXMLTopNode function we found out that xmlString variable in getXMLTopNode function is assigned the entire html source instead of the xml string returned from the servlet.

Can you please tell me know how it can be resolved

The component expects that server response will be an XML , not HTML container with XML inside, why you output it in such form instead of pure XML ?