Dynamic load from table

I have a grid (GPL). I fill the grid from a table (invisible) on the grid page. The table has large number of rows (more than 1000). Grid in a circle fills with “addRow”. It is too slow and a browser hand-up. Your samples for dynamic loading working with XML-file, as I meaning. How can I improve performance for this case?

While performance of loading from HTML can be improved it will not allow to use such effective modes as “buffering” or “smart-rendering”, both modes are XML centric, and can’t be used with HTML table as source.

The best solution in you case output data directly as XML island on page, and use

If you strictly limited to loading from HTML table, please contact us directly (support@dhtmlx.com) - we can provide some experimental extension, but it will increase loading speed not more than 2 times ( which most probably will  not be enough in your situation )

Here is xml island on my page? where is the grid:


Further attempts to load this island into grid:

1.   grid.parseXML(document.getElementById(‘dataTable’));
2.   grid.parseXML(‘dataTable’);

rise an error in IE 7: “Object has no support this property or method” on grid source line:

“return docObj.selectNodes(xpathExp)”

How can I load xml island into the grid?

Your code is correct, the second initialization
must work fine.

Please check attached sample.

sample.zip (674 Bytes)

You have using XMLHttpRequest object in grid’s source code:

this.xmlDoc = new XMLHttpRequest();

I am using it too in my page. It is need for AJAX exchange with php server code. Therefore your variable xmlDoc don’t init when I call parseXML().
What do you may offer in this situation?

Actually this is must not cause any conflicts , the code is
    this.xmlDoc = new XMLHttpRequest();  
so code creates new instance of object, and it not related to any other instances of XMLHttpRequest

By the way, this branch of code use if you called with empty value, it must not be triggered, when you are loading data from XML island.

If problem still occurs for you - please send any kind of sample where it can be reconstructed to support@dhtmlx.com