Dynamic Loading DataView - Toolbaar problem

Hi experts,

I use DataConnector for getting data from database. With this code:


$conn = mysql_connect($mysql_server,$mysql_user,$mysql_pass);
mysql_query('set names utf8');

$data = new DataConnector($conn);
$data->render_sql("SELECT *,cat.title as catTitle,con.title as title FROM ".$mysql_prefix."content AS con JOIN ".$mysql_prefix."categories AS cat ON con.catid=cat.id WHERE sectionid=1 AND state=1 ORDER BY created DESC;","con.Id","id,title,catTitle,introtext,fulltext,created");


I read this but in the xml file that I created “pos” parameter and “total_count” parameter there aren’t. But “dynamic_loading(20);” loads the first 20 rows. So i tried DataViewConnector. There is “total_count” parameter but dataview can not read the xml file. So i tried to use the instruction LIMIT in sql, but don’t work. How can i do?

Another problem. Don’t view Bottom Toolbaar with the iphone but work with android. The code:var bottomToolbar = { view: "toolbar", height:50, id: "bottomBar", type: "SubBar", elements:[{ view: "segmented", id:'bottomTabbar', selected:'dataview_1', multiview:true, align:"center",height:50, options: [ { value: 'dataview_1', label: 'Notizie'}, { value: 'template_2', label: 'Schede'}, ]} ] };

Here you can see what i do.

Excuse me for my english. thanks

Dataview in dhtmlx touch will work for static loading only ( touch scrolling system doesn’t allow to use virtual scrolling ), so while server side will produce correct data for dynamical loading, client side code will not be able to use it correctly.

What is the version of android OS on problematic device ?

Thank you for the answer.

BottomToolbar don’t work with iphone. You can see here:
and work with android:

I don’t know why…

Please try to update codebase from the attached package.
touch.zip (252 KB)

With the emulator still don’t works.

in mobile/js/config.js you have

id: ‘app’, view: ‘layout’, height: 482, width: 322,

which defines fixed height for the view, and its default value is bigger than height of iphone browser screen

Oh! Thank you!
Maybe a copy and paste from an example…